Family Dentist in Metairie, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70001


I am able to sleep all night and not worry about tooth pain in the morning. I would recommend a splint if you have problems sleeping and waking up with tooth pain. Thank you for all your help.

James Sievers

I have been coming to Elmwood Dental for about five or six years, and the experience I have been having here has been great. I love the atmosphere here. It seems to me that everyone looks like a great, big, happy family and, in my eye sight, hat makes me comfortable. They have a plaque in one of the rooms saying if you can’t be nice, then get out (laughing out loud). I like that. Last but not least, Dr. Liuzza—this guy is the most interesting guy, but most comfortable-looking dentist I have ever seen (I’m loving the Hawaiian look.). Overall this is the best dentist office I have been to and wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m comfortable.

Denise Davies

I received an implant from Dr. Liuzza, and I have to admit it was a huge success. I am very self-conscious about my teeth, and I wanted to go with the best procedure to fix my problem. I have been coming to Dr. Liuzza for quite some time, and I fully trust the decisions of Dr. Liuzza and his wonderful staff. I have had the implant for a couple of months now, and it has made all the difference in the world. The color, the size, everything matches perfectly. I can eat whatever type of food I want, and I have had no problems whatsoever with my implant procedure. Dr. Liuzza and his staff are extremely professional, and I have always been pleased with all of the care that both I and my kids have received from Dr. Liuzza. I would recommend Dr. Liuzza to anyone, and I have suggested him to several friends, who are now patients.

David Roddy

The service here at Elmwood Dental has been so good that it’s worth the distance and traffic to get here. Everyone is so cordial and helpful. Their explanations, care, and help have been so very gracious. The care I get here (and that of my husband) is such that we don’t want to trade dentists.

Maude G. Cheramie

Dr. Liuzza has been my dentist for the past five years. From the moment I walked into this office, everyone has been so attentive and helpful with my needs. My smile has improved tremendously. This has been helped me gain confidence both personally and professionally. I love all the girls in the office. I always look forward to coming in and catching up with all of them. Dr. Liuzza is AWESOME! He’s very comforting and thorough with his work! I would recommend him to EVERYONE. He will be my dentist for years to come! Thank you “ALL” for your hard work and dedication!

Lisel Alvarado

Thank you, in 2002 I took the advice you gave me to have veneers put on my teeth. My teeth had a gray tint to them. They were pretty teeth but gray. The veneers made all the difference in my smile! I’ve never had a problem, and to this day, I receive compliments about my teeth. Just the other day my mom complimented me about how pretty my teeth look.

Terry Villani