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Clear Braces and No-Brace Orthodontics in New Orleans

Straighter teeth, healthier gums, easier cleanings.

Invisible braces in New Orleans, LA

Looking for a highly experienced dentist in the New Orleans area to provide you or your loved one with clear braces, or a no-brace orothodontics system?

We provide braces that fit properly, align teeth correctly, and look good. Invisible clear aligners, Viazi® bioefficent braces and ESSIX braces.

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Invisible Braces

More and more people are looking for invisible braces as they become aware of the advantages these braces have to offer over other types of braces: They're practically invisible!

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Viazi® Braces

We can also provide our patients with Viazi® bioefficient braces, the triangular orthodontic bracket system that has been known to significantly reduce the average treatment time for braces. There are no guarantees as to the length of time required, but most of our cases take about one year.

Our dentists can help you determine which type of braces would be best for you or your loved ones - invisible, Essix, Viazi®.

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